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aural2 of or relating to the ear or hearing.
aurar pl. of eyrir.
aureate golden in color; gilded. [2 definitions]
aureole an encircling region of light, esp. in artistic representations of a god or holy figure, or around an astronomical object such as the moon; halo; corona.
aureus an ancient Roman gold coin that was a monetary unit from the reign of Julius Caesar to that of Constantine I.
au revoir (French) until we see each other again; good-bye for now.
auricle the visible, projecting portion of the ear. [3 definitions]
auricular of or relating to the ear or hearing. [3 definitions]
auriferous having gold as a component; gold-bearing.
auriform shaped like an ear.
Auriga a winter constellation in the northern sky, located between Perseus and Gemini and containing the bright triple star Capella and several star clusters; Charioteer.
aurochs an extinct wild ox once common in northern Africa, Europe, and western Asia, and probably an ancestor of domestic cattle. [2 definitions]
Aurora in Roman mythology, the goddess of dawn. [3 definitions]
aurora australis the aurora of the Southern Hemisphere, seen esp. near the South Pole; southern lights.
aurora borealis the aurora of the Northern Hemisphere, seen esp. near the North Pole; northern lights.
auscultation listening to the heart, lungs, or the like for the purpose of medical diagnosis, usu. with a stethoscope or other instrument.
auslander (German) a foreigner or outsider; alien.
auspice (usu. pl.) sponsorship or protection; patronage. [3 definitions]
auspicious likely to be followed by favorable events.
austere having a stern or solemn appearance or personality. [3 definitions]
austerity the condition or quality of being austere. [3 definitions]