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axil the upper angle between a leaf, flower, twig, or the like, and the stem or branch from which it grows.
axilla an armpit or a corresponding part, such as the area under a bird's wing. [2 definitions]
axillar (usu. pl.) any of the feathers that grow under a bird's wing. [2 definitions]
axillary in anatomy, of, relating to, or in the region of the axilla. [3 definitions]
axiology a branch of philosophy that examines the nature of value and various types of values, as in morals, metaphysics, religion, or the like.
axiom an obvious or generally accepted principle. [2 definitions]
axiomatic of, relating to, or resembling an axiom; unquestionably true; self-evident. [2 definitions]
axis a straight line that serves as the unmoving center about which a body or figure turns. [4 definitions]
axle a supporting bar or shaft on which, or by means of which, a wheel or wheels turn.
axletree an axle upon which the wheels of a cart or animal-powered vehicle turn.
Axminster carpet a type of carpet that has a stiff, ribbed jute backing and a long soft pile of cut wool.
axolotl any of various salamanders esp. of the southwestern United States and Mexico that mature sexually and breed while in the larval stage, still having gills.
axon the part of a nerve cell that conducts impulses away from the cell body.
ayah in India, a native nursemaid or maidservant, esp. for children or women.
ayatollah in the Shiite religion, a title awarded to a leader advanced in the study of Islamic law.
aye yes (usu. used for an oral vote). [2 definitions]
aye-aye a nocturnal lemur found in Madagascar that has shaggy dark brown fur, a long bushy tail, large ears, long clawlike fingers, and strong rodentlike teeth.
ayin the name of the sixteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
AZ abbreviation of "Arizona," a southwestern U.S. state between California and New Mexico.
azalea any of several shrubs related to the rhododendron, often cultivated for its brightly colored flowers.
azathioprine an immunosuppressive that is administered in transplant surgery to prevent rejection of the new organ.