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ayin the name of the sixteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
AZ abbreviation of "Arizona," a southwestern U.S. state between California and New Mexico.
azalea any of several shrubs related to the rhododendron, often cultivated for its brightly colored flowers.
azathioprine an immunosuppressive that is administered in transplant surgery to prevent rejection of the new organ.
Azerbaijan a Near Eastern country on the Caspian Sea between Iran and Russia; formerly a republic of the Soviet Union.
Azerbaijani of or pertaining to Azerbaijan or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
Azeri see "Azerbaijani."
azimuth an arc measured horizontally and clockwise from a point north, in navigation, or a point south, in astronomy, to another point where a vertical circle intersects the horizon. [2 definitions]
azithromycin an antibiotic derived from erythromycin that is used to treat bacterial infections.
azo- containing nitrogen.
azobenzene an orange-red, nonsoluble crystalline compound obtained from nitrobenzene, used in organic synthesis, as an insecticide, and in the making of dyes.
azoic see "Archean."
Aztec a member of an Indian people who had an advanced civilization in central Mexico before the Spaniards conquered them in 1519. [4 definitions]
azure the color of a clear blue sky; sky blue. [2 definitions]
azurite a bright azure-blue mineral that serves as a copper ore. [2 definitions]
azygous in biology, not being part of a pair; occurring singly.
B symbol of the chemical element boron.
B- in the U.S. military, a plane used to transport and drop bombs, such as a B-17 or B-52.
b the second letter of the English alphabet. [5 definitions]
b. abbreviation of "born," brought into life by birth or in like manner (used to indicate the year or date of a birth).
B-1 a heavy U.S. jet bomber built for the 1980s.