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banker1 an owner or employee of a bank, esp. in management. [2 definitions]
banker2 on the Newfoundland banks, a ship or person engaged in fishing for cod.
banker3 a workbench used by sculptors, masons, or bricklayers for dressing stones or bricks.
bank holiday an official holiday in the UK, when banks and other businesses are closed.
banking the business or profession of running a bank.
bank note a promissory note issued by an authorized bank.
bank on (informal) to rely or depend on.
bank rate the standard rate of discount that is established by a central bank or banks.
bankroll one's readily available money. [3 definitions]
bankrupt in a state of having been legally declared incapable of paying off one's debts and having one's assets administered by a court to compensate creditors. [6 definitions]
bankruptcy the condition of being legally insolvent or bankrupt; impoverishment or destitution. [2 definitions]
bank statement a document that shows all the transactions that have occurred during a specific period of time in a bank account, esp. a periodic statement compiled by a bank for an account holder.
banner a piece of cloth, usu. with a motto or emblem and mounted on a staff, representing a person, organization, or cause. [6 definitions]
bannister variant of banister.
bannock in Scottish or British cookery, a flat unleavened cake made of oatmeal, wheat, or other grains and baked on a griddle.
banns a public announcement in church of an upcoming marriage.
banquet an elaborate formal dinner. [4 definitions]
banquette a long, upholstered bench along a wall.
banshee in Irish folklore, a female spirit whose wailing forbodes the death of a loved one.
bantam (often cap.) a member of a small-sized breed of chicken, sometimes the miniature version of a larger breed. [3 definitions]
bantamweight a boxer of a weight class between flyweight and featherweight, between 112 and 118 pounds.