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barbed having one or more barbs. [2 definitions]
barbed wire a wire or strands of wire with barbs at regular intervals, used as a military barrier or fencing for livestock; barbwire.
barbel a slender, whiskerlike sensory organ on the heads of certain fishes, such as catfish. [2 definitions]
barbell a usu. metal bar with removable weights at each end, used in weightlifting and exercising.
barber a person whose business is to shave, cut, or style hair and beards. [2 definitions]
barber pole a pole or cylinder with red and white spiral stripes, by which barbers indicate the location of their shops.
barberry any of various shrubs, often spiny, that have leathery leaves and bear clustered yellow flowers and small ovoid red-orange berries.
barbershop the workplace of a barber. [2 definitions]
barbican a defensive tower at the entrance to a town or fortified castle.
barbicel on feathers, a minute hairlike projection from one barbule, which attaches to others of its kind, maintaining the integrity of the feather as a single surface.
barbital a derivative of barbituric acid, used as a sedative.
barbiturate any of a group of salts or esters of barbituric acid, used as sedatives.
barbituric acid a white crystalline organic acid, used in polymerization and in the manufacture of sedatives and dyes.
barbless combined form of barb.
Bar-B-Que variant of barbecue.
barbule a small projection from the barb of a feather.
barbwire see "barbed wire."
barcarole a piece of music composed in the style of Venetian gondoliers' songs, with a rhythm suggesting rowing.
bar code a set of vertical bars of varying widths containing coded information that can be read by an optical scanner, usu. printed on the labels of consumer goods, on mail, and the like. (Cf. Universal Product Code.)
bard in ancient Celtic times, a person who composed and recited or sang epic poetry. [2 definitions]
bare lacking clothing or covering; naked. [6 definitions]