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barker1 one that makes a barking noise. [2 definitions]
barker2 a person or machine that removes bark from trees or prepares it for use in tanning leather.
bark up the wrong tree to direct one's attention, efforts, request, or accusation to the wrong person or thing.
barley a cereal plant bearing bristled grains on densely packed spikes. [2 definitions]
barleycorn barley, or a seed of the barley plant. [2 definitions]
barm yeast foam that appears atop fermenting malt liquors.
barmaid a woman who mixes or serves drinks in an establishment selling alcoholic beverages; bartender.
barman a man who mixes or serves drinks in an establishment selling alcoholic beverages; bartender.
bar mitzvah a Jewish ceremony that celebrates a boy's adulthood and the assumption of his religious duties, usu. occurring at the age of thirteen. (Cf. bat mitzvah.) [2 definitions]
barmy containing, resembling, or full of barm; yeasty, foamy, or frothy. [2 definitions]
barn a large farm building designed to house livestock or store equipment or produce.
barnacle any of a large group of marine crustaceans that are free-floating as larvae, but attach to submerged or intertidal surfaces such as wharves, rocks, ship bottoms, and the like, and form sharp-edged shells as adults. [3 definitions]
barn dance a social gathering for dancing, often held in a barn and featuring square dances.
barn owl a brown and white owl that lives in barns and feeds on rodents.
barnstorm to travel through rural areas giving performances, political speeches, exhibition contests, or the like. [3 definitions]
barn swallow a small insect-eating bird with dark blue and tan plumage and a deeply forked tail, that often nests in barns and similar structures.
barnyard a yard or fenced area adjacent to a barn, esp. an enclosure for livestock and other farm animals. [3 definitions]
baro- weight; pressure.
barogram a visual record of atmospheric pressure over time, produced by a barograph.
barograph a barometer that automatically records the atmospheric pressure.
barometer a meteorological instrument that measures atmospheric pressure, esp. used to predict weather changes. [2 definitions]