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bartender one who prepares and distributes drinks at an establishment or counter serving alcoholic beverages.
barter to trade services or commodities without the use of money. [5 definitions]
bartizan a small extended turret atop a wall or tower, used as a vantage point for a watchman or defender.
Bartlett a large yellow juicy variety of pear.
Baruch Spinoza a Dutch philosopher (b.1632--d.1677).
baryon in physics, a heavy subatomic particle of half-integral spin, such as a proton, neutron, or hyperon.
barytes the principal ore of barium; barite.
basal at, pertaining to, or comprising the bottom part or support. [3 definitions]
basal metabolism the minimum expense of energy that is necessary for life in a resting organism.
basalt a dense, fine-grained, dark-colored igneous rock created by lava flow that is rich in minerals containing magnesium and iron. The most common igneous rock on the Earth's surface due to its high abundance on the ocean floor.
bascule a counterweighted balance, esp. that used in bridges that are raised and lowered.
bascule bridge a bridge that is counterweighted for ease of raising and lowering.
base1 that which underlies or supports; foundation. [7 definitions]
base2 of little value or quality; inferior. [2 definitions]
baseball a game played with a bat and ball by two teams of nine players each, the object being to score runs by advancing runners around four bases. [2 definitions]
baseboard a narrow board lining the lowermost edge of an interior wall. [2 definitions]
baseborn of humble parentage. [3 definitions]
baseburner a stove or furnace that feeds to the base of the unit additional fuel, such as coal, as needed.
base hit in baseball, a hit that allows the batter to get on base safely, without an error or force-out being made.
baseless without basis in fact or reason; unfounded.
base line in baseball, the area within which a runner must stay while running from base to base. [3 definitions]