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beaucoup (French) very much or many.
Beaufort scale a scale that rates the force and speed of wind from 0, "calm," to 12 or more, "hurricane".
beau geste fine gesture (French); a noble, gracious gesture. [2 definitions]
beau ideal the concept or ideal of perfect beauty. [2 definitions]
beau monde the world of high and fashionable society.
beaut (informal) something outstanding or remarkable.
beauteous beautiful.
beautician one whose profession involves the application of cosmetic treatments, as in a beauty parlor.
beautification the process of making (something) beautiful, or the results of such a process.
beautiful delighting the senses; having beauty; lovely. [3 definitions]
beautify to make beautiful.
beauty the quality of being beautiful or pleasing to the senses; loveliness. [4 definitions]
beauty parlor an establishment that offers haircutting and styling services, and sometimes manicures or facials.
beauty salon an establishment that offers a full range of beauty and grooming services, including hair-styling, manicures, and facials.
beauty shop see "beauty parlor."
beauty spot a tiny dark mark or patch applied to the face or shoulders, esp. by a woman to accentuate the fairness of her skin. [2 definitions]
beaux a plural form of beau.
Beaux-Arts pertaining to the eclecticism, monumentality, and opulence of French architecture in the late nineteenth century. [3 definitions]
beaver1 an amphibious rodent with a thick brown pelt, a wide flat tail, and front teeth used as chisels to fell and strip small trees in the building of its damlike habitat. [3 definitions]
beaver2 an armor plate attached to a helmet or breastplate that protects the face and neck.
becalm to make (a sailing vessel) motionless from lack of wind.