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beeswax the yellowish wax secreted by bees in constructing their honeycombs; wax. [2 definitions]
beet a cultivated plant whose leaves and fleshy, usu. dark red root are edible. (See sugar beet.) [2 definitions]
beetle1 any of several insects with two pairs of wings, of which the front pair is hard and covers the rear pair when the wings are at rest. [2 definitions]
beetle2 a wooden mallet or club used to stamp and finish linen, compress paving stones, or mash vegetables. [3 definitions]
beetle3 overhanging or projecting, as eyebrows. [2 definitions]
beetle-browed having eyebrows that are bushy or joined together. [2 definitions]
beet sugar sugar extracted from the roots of sugar beets.
beeves a plural form of beef.
befall to take place; happen. [2 definitions]
befit to be suitable to.
befitting suitable or appropriate, often with respect to a particular situation or sphere of conduct.
befog to cover with mist or fog; obscure. [2 definitions]
before at an earlier time; in the past. [8 definitions]
beforehand in advance; at a previous time; earlier.
befoul to make foul; defile. [2 definitions]
befriend to be or act as a friend to.
befuddle to stupefy with or as though with liquor. [2 definitions]
beg to ask for (food, money, or other necessities) as charity or as a gift. [4 definitions]
began past tense of begin.
beget to generate (offspring); cause to begin life, esp. to father. [2 definitions]
beggar one who begs, esp. as a means of survival. [4 definitions]