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begin to perform the first step in a process; start. [6 definitions]
beginner someone just beginning to acquire new knowledge or learn a new skill.
beginning (sometimes pl.) the first part or origin of a thing or process; start. [2 definitions]
begird to fasten around; encircle.
beg off to ask to be exempted from fulfilling an obligation.
be going to used as an auxiliary verb to express a plan or intention to carry out some action, or to express a prediction of what seems likely to occur based on certain evidence.
begone go away (usu. used in imperative).
begonia a tropical plant of which some species are cultivated as houseplants, bearing bright, waxy flowers of various colors and having leaves that are often varicolored or veined.
begot past tense and a past participle of beget.
begotten a past participle of beget.
begrime to soil with or as though with grime; make grimy.
begrudge to feel envious and disapproving of (someone) having or being given (something). [2 definitions]
beg the question to assume as true a conclusion to an argument and then present that conclusion as proof.
beguile to deceive or cheat by using guile. [3 definitions]
Beguine a member of a lay Roman Catholic sisterhood of the Netherlands, first established in the twelfth century, that allowed women to keep their private property and revoke their vows whenever they wished.
beguine a dance of Martinique with a bolero rhythm, or the music for such a dance.
begum a high-ranking Muslim woman, often a widow.
begun past participle of begin.
behalf support; aid (preceded by " in" or "on" and followed by "of"). [2 definitions]
behave to act or function in a certain way. [3 definitions]
behavior the actions and reactions of a group, person, animal, or thing, either characteristically or under specific circumstances. [2 definitions]