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belittle to make (someone or something) seem less in size, value, or importance; depreciate.
Belize a country on the Caribbean, bordered by Guatemala and Mexico. [2 definitions]
bell a hollow metal cup, often of bronze, which makes a ringing sound when struck by a hard object such as a clapper. [4 definitions]
belladonna a poisonous plant bearing purplish red flowers and black berries; deadly nightshade. [2 definitions]
bell-bottom of pants, wide and flaring at the ankles.
bell-bottoms pants that are wide and flaring at the ankles.
bellboy a man or boy employed by a hotel to carry luggage, food, or drink to the guest rooms, run errands, and page guests.
bell buoy a buoy having a warning bell that rings whenever the buoy is rocked by waves.
bell curve see "bell-shaped curve."
belle a popular and admired woman, usu. young and often considered the most outstanding beauty at a social event or in a social circle.
Belleek a thin, glossy Irish pottery that resembles porcelain.
belles-lettres (used with a sing. verb) elegant or polished writing; literature regarded as having an aesthetic function, as distinguished from informative or persuasive writing.
bellflower one of a group of plants that bear bell-shaped pendant flowers; campanula; harebell.
bellhop a man or boy who does errands at a hotel; bellboy.
bellicose easily incited to quarrel or fight; belligerent. [2 definitions]
bellied having a belly of a particular kind (used in combination).
belligerence a very aggressive or hostile attitude; warlike nature. [2 definitions]
belligerency the position or status of a belligerent nation; condition of being at war. [2 definitions]
belligerent having or showing an eagerness to fight; aggressive; warlike. [4 definitions]
bell jar a bell-shaped glass cover for a platform, used for displaying and protecting delicate objects. [2 definitions]
bellman one who carries or rings a bell, such as a town crier. [2 definitions]