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belle a popular and admired woman, usu. young and often considered the most outstanding beauty at a social event or in a social circle.
Belleek a thin, glossy Irish pottery that resembles porcelain.
belles-lettres (used with a sing. verb) elegant or polished writing; literature regarded as having an aesthetic function, as distinguished from informative or persuasive writing.
bellflower one of a group of plants that bear bell-shaped pendant flowers; campanula; harebell.
bellhop a man or boy who does errands at a hotel; bellboy.
bellicose easily incited to quarrel or fight; belligerent. [2 definitions]
bellied having a belly of a particular kind (used in combination).
belligerence a very aggressive or hostile attitude; warlike nature. [2 definitions]
belligerency the position or status of a belligerent nation; condition of being at war. [2 definitions]
belligerent having or showing an eagerness to fight; aggressive; warlike. [4 definitions]
bell jar a bell-shaped glass cover for a platform, used for displaying and protecting delicate objects. [2 definitions]
bellman one who carries or rings a bell, such as a town crier. [2 definitions]
bellow to make the deep, loud cry of a bull. [5 definitions]
bellows (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a device with a flexible, valved air chamber that can be expanded to draw in air and compressed to expel it through a nozzle, used to blow air on a fire or to sound a musical instrument. [3 definitions]
bell pepper a pepper plant that bears a mild-flavored edible fruit. [2 definitions]
bell-shaped curve a graphic representation of a statistically normal frequency distribution, which resembles the outline of a bell; bell curve.
bell tower a tower housing one or more bells.
bellwether a male sheep, with a bell hung about its neck, that leads the flock. [2 definitions]
belly the front or underpart of mammals that contains the stomach and intestines. [5 definitions]
bellyache an abdominal pain; colic. [3 definitions]
bellyband a girth or cinch around the belly of an animal, such as the band used to hold a saddle on a horse.