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belonging closeness and mutual acceptance in a relationship. [2 definitions]
belong to to be owned by. [2 definitions]
Belorussian of or pertaining to Belarus or its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]
beloved deeply loved. [2 definitions]
below in or to a lower place; beneath. [6 definitions]
below the belt not in accordance with fairness.
Belshazzar according to the Old Testament, the last king of Babylon, killed by the invading Persians after being warned by a hand that wrote of his defeat on a wall.
belt a strip of cloth, leather, or other material worn around the waist. [11 definitions]
belted made with or having a belt. [2 definitions]
belting material used for making belts. [3 definitions]
beltless combined form of belt.
beltway a highway that circles or skirts an urban area.
beluga a white sturgeon found in the Black and Caspian Seas, whose roe is eaten as caviar. [2 definitions]
bemoan to grieve over; lament. [3 definitions]
bemuse to confuse or bewilder (someone). [2 definitions]
bench a seat, often without a back, that is long enough for two or more people. [6 definitions]
benchmark a point of reference for judging value, quality, change, or the like; standard to which others can be compared. [2 definitions]
bench press a weightlifting exercise in which one lies on a bench, removes a weight from a pair of overhead supports, lowers it to the chest, and raises it again.
bench-press to lift (a weight) during a bench press.
bench show a competitive show of dogs or cats in which prizes are awarded on the basis of greatest conformity to ideal standards for a given breed.
bench warrant an order issued by a judge or court for the apprehension of someone charged with a crime.