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bend over backwards to try very hard; make a great effort.
bend sinister in heraldry, a diagonal band from the lower left to the upper right of a shield, signifying bastardy; bar sinister.
beneath in or to a lower level, place, or state; below. [5 definitions]
benedicite a blessing, esp. one said at a meal; grace. [2 definitions]
benedict a newly married man, esp. one who was previously thought unlikely to marry.
Benedictine a member of a Roman Catholic order of monks or nuns following the rule of St. Benedict. [2 definitions]
benediction a blessing, esp. the one pronounced over the congregation by the clergyman at the end of a religious service. [2 definitions]
benefaction performance of a good deed or good deeds that benefit a person or institution, often a charitable organization. [2 definitions]
benefactor one who benefits or helps an individual or an institution, usu. by giving money.
benefice a church office or the fixed property or income associated with it. [3 definitions]
beneficence the quality of doing good. [2 definitions]
beneficent tending to do good; kindly; charitable. [3 definitions]
beneficial producing benefits; favorable or advantageous. [2 definitions]
beneficiary one who receives or is designated to receive benefits, as of a will or insurance policy. [2 definitions]
benefit anything that provides an advantage or produces a positive result. [5 definitions]
benefit of clergy a rite performed by a member of the clergy signifying the blessing of the church, such as a liturgical wedding or a prayer over a dying person. [2 definitions]
benefit of the doubt acceptance of a statement or belief as true in the absence of contrary proof.
benefits money from a government program. [2 definitions]
benevolence the inclination to act to the benefit of others; good will. [2 definitions]
benevolent desiring to do good for others; generous. [3 definitions]
Bengal a region consisting of the northeastern state of West Bengal in India and the neighboring country of Bangladesh. Bengal was formerly a province of India before India's division into India and Pakistan.