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Bern the capital of Switzerland.
Bernoulli effect the decrease in a fluid's pressure as its speed increases.
berretta see "biretta."
berry any of several small, juicy, pulpy fruits, usu. without a pit, such as the strawberry, raspberry, or gooseberry. [5 definitions]
berserk violently enraged; wildly destructive. [2 definitions]
berth a shelf or bunk for sleeping on a ship or train. [6 definitions]
Bertillon system a system used before the adoption of fingerprinting for identification, esp. of criminals, through records of bodily measurements, markings, coloring, and the like.
beryl a crystalline mineral, aluminum beryllium silicate, from which beryllium and certain gemstones such as emeralds are derived.
beryllium a chemical element of the alkaline-earth group that has four protons in each nucleus and occurs in pure form as a hard, light, gray solid, chiefly used in alloys with copper and in aerospace material. (symbol: Be)
bescreen (archaic) to conceal as if by covering with a screen; hide from sight.
beseech to request urgently; implore. [3 definitions]
beset to set upon or assail from all sides; besiege. [2 definitions]
besetting constantly tormenting, troubling, or preoccupying, as a need, temptation, or sin.
beside next to; at the side of. [3 definitions]
beside oneself in a state of extreme agitation or excitement.
besides moreover. [4 definitions]
beside the point not relevant to the main focus of interest or discussion.
besiege to surround with enemy forces; lay siege to. [2 definitions]
besmear to stain or soil by, or as if by, smearing.
besmirch to tarnish or soil. [2 definitions]
besom a broom, esp. one formed by a bundle of twigs or brush attached to a handle.