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beside oneself in a state of extreme agitation or excitement.
besides moreover. [4 definitions]
beside the point not relevant to the main focus of interest or discussion.
besiege to surround with enemy forces; lay siege to. [2 definitions]
besmear to stain or soil by, or as if by, smearing.
besmirch to tarnish or soil. [2 definitions]
besom a broom, esp. one formed by a bundle of twigs or brush attached to a handle.
be sorry to suffer the consequences; come to regret one's earlier action or decision.
besot to confuse or make foolish with, or as if with, strong drink (often used reflexively).
besought a past tense and past participle of beseech.
bespangle to cover or decorate with, or as with, spangles.
bespatter to splash and soil with drops or bits of matter; spatter. [2 definitions]
bespeak to arrange for or reserve in advance. [2 definitions]
bespectacled wearing eyeglasses.
be spoiling for (informal) to be eager for.
bespoke made according to the wishes or needs of a particular customer or user; custom-made. [2 definitions]
bespread to spread over or cover (usu. fol. by "with").
besprinkle to sprinkle on all parts or sides.
Bessemer process a process for making steel by blasting hot compressed air through molten pig iron to remove impurities.
best superlative of "good." [11 definitions]
best-ball of or designating a system of scoring in golf competition in which, on each hole, the lower score of either partner is recorded as the score for that team.