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between in the area separating. [6 definitions]
betweentimes between activities; at or during pauses or intermissions.
betwixt between.
betwixt and between neither one thing nor the other; in the middle.
bet your boots be assured; feel certain.
be up to to be the rightful choice or responsibility of; to be dependent on (someone or something).
BeV BeV (Bev) [2 definitions]
bevatron a synchrotron used to accelerate protons and other particles to a level of several billion electron-volts.
bevel the angle, other than a right angle, at which one line or surface intersects another. [3 definitions]
bevel gear a gear with teeth angled or beveled so that it meshes with another gear whose shaft is at an angle of less than 180 degrees to its own shaft.
beverage any drinkable liquid, usu. excluding water or medicine.
bevy a group of birds or other animals, esp. quail or larks. [2 definitions]
bewail to mourn or express great sorrow for; wail or cry over; lament. [2 definitions]
beware to be wary or cautious (often used imperatively). [2 definitions]
bewilder to confuse or befuddle, esp. with too many or conflicting alternatives.
bewitch to enchant or cast a spell over with or as if with witchcraft. [2 definitions]
bey an Ottoman Empire provincial governor. [3 definitions]
beyond past the far side of; farther on than; later than. [6 definitions]
beyond question without any doubt.
beyond the shadow of a doubt with absolute certainty; indeed.
bezel the slanted or beveled edge of a cutting tool such as a chisel. [2 definitions]