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bib a piece of cloth tied under the chin and worn esp. by babies to protect the clothing during a meal. [2 definitions]
bib and tucker (informal) clothing, esp. one's best garment or outfit.
Bibb lettuce a variety of lettuce with a small round head of loose, tender, dark green leaves.
bibcock a faucet with a downward-bent nozzle.
bibelot a small curio or trinket, usu. kept or displayed as a decorative object.
Bible the principal sacred writings of Judaism, comprising the Old Testament, and of Christianity, comprising both the Old and New Testaments. [3 definitions]
bibless combined form of bib.
Biblical (often l.c.) of, pertaining to, or in the Bible. [2 definitions]
Biblicist a specialist in Bible studies. [2 definitions]
biblio- book.
bibliography a list of writings about a certain subject. [4 definitions]
bibliomancy the making of predictions, answering of questions, or the like, based on the interpretation of a randomly selected passage from a book, esp. the Bible.
bibliomania a craze for acquiring and owning books, esp. rare books.
bibliophile a lover or collector of books, esp. for the fine or rare physical qualities of their paper, printing, binding, or the like.
bibliopole a bookseller, esp. of rare books.
bibulous addicted to alcohol; alcoholic. [2 definitions]
bicameral having two legislative chambers or branches.
bicarbonate a chemical that is a variety of carbonate, used esp. in baking or as an antacid. (See sodium bicarbonate.)
bicarbonate of soda see "sodium bicarbonate" and "baking soda."
bicentenary occurring every two hundred years; bicentennial. [2 definitions]
bicentennial occurring once every two hundred years. [4 definitions]