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bird of paradise any of various related birds of New Guinea and nearby regions, of which the male has colorful plumage and long tail feathers. [2 definitions]
bird of passage a bird that migrates. [2 definitions]
bird of prey any bird that feeds on other birds or animals, such as a hawk or vulture.
birdseed seeds, usu. in a mixture, used to feed birds.
bird's-eye as seen from high above; covering a wide span but not detailed or thorough. [4 definitions]
bird shot small shot used to shoot birds.
birds of a feather persons having common interests, values, opinions, or backgrounds.
bird-watching the activity or hobby of observing and identifying birds in the wild: birding.
birefringence the splitting of a light wave into two perpendicular waves that have different speeds, as in some crystals.
bireme a galley of ancient times, with two tiers of oarsmen on each side.
biretta in the Roman Catholic and some Anglican churches, a stiff, square cap with three or four raised ridges, worn by clergymen and varying in color according to their rank.
birl to rotate (a floating log) by running in place on its exposed surface, as in a contest among lumberjacks.
birling a game or contest of skill between two lumberjacks, won by whoever maintains his balance longest while balancing on and rotating a floating log.
birr1 a whirring sound. [3 definitions]
birr2 the chief monetary unit of Ethiopia, equaling one hundred cents.
birth the process or fact of being born. [4 definitions]
birth certificate an official document recording the time and place of a person's birth and the names of the parents.
birth control control of the number and timing of children born, esp. through the use of contraceptive devices or drugs.
birthday the calendar day and month of one's birth, which is often celebrated as it occurs every year, or the day of the inception of something such as a nation.
birthmark a mark or mole on the skin present from birth.
birthplace the place of birth or origin, of a person or of an idea, movement, or the like.