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biyearly happening every two years or lasting two years; biennial. [2 definitions]
bizarre strikingly odd or unusual, esp. in appearance or behavior.
Bk symbol of the chemical element berkelium.
blab to reveal carelessly or indiscreetly. [4 definitions]
blabber to talk or say in a wordy, nonsensical, or indiscreet way. [2 definitions]
blabbermouth (informal) one who talks indiscreetly, esp. one who habitually reveals confidential information.
black of or pertaining to the color black, the color of the night sky. [13 definitions]
black-and-blue discolored or covered with discolorations from blood coagulated under the skin; bruised.
black and white print or writing considered as documentary evidence or binding proof. [2 definitions]
black-and-white in shades of black and white only, as a photograph or film. [3 definitions]
black art black magic; sorcery.
blackball to cast out, as from a group; ostracize. [3 definitions]
black bass any of several related North American freshwater game fishes.
black bear a North American bear, smaller than a grizzly bear, with thick black or brown fur. [2 definitions]
black belt the highest rank among practitioners of martial arts such as judo or karate. [3 definitions]
blackberry a berry, dark purple to black and composed of many large seeds. [2 definitions]
blackbird any of various common songbirds, the males of which are black or mostly black, such as the European thrush or the American red-winged blackbird.
blackboard a smooth, hard, dark-colored panel, often made of slate and suitable for writing on with chalk; chalkboard.
blackboard eraser an object made of bound layers of felt used for erasing chalk from a blackboard.
blackbody in physics, a hypothetical body that theoretically absorbs all radiant energy falling on its surface.
black book a real or imaginary notebook containing names of people, usu. recorded for future censure or punishment.