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blacksmith a person who makes, fits, and repairs horseshoes. [2 definitions]
blacksnake any of various dark-colored, usu. nonpoisonous North American snakes, esp. the black racer. [2 definitions]
blackstrap molasses a dark, thick molasses from which most of the sugar has been removed.
blackthorn a thorny European shrub with many branches, bearing white flowers and bluishblack, plumlike fruit. [2 definitions]
black tie the black bow tie worn on semiformal occasions with a dinner jacket or tuxedo. [2 definitions]
black-tie requiring semi-formal attire, esp., for the men, a black bow tie and dinner jacket or tuxedo.
blacktop a bituminous substance such as asphalt, used as pavement. [3 definitions]
black walnut a tall tree of eastern North America that has dark, hard wood valued for making furniture and other durable wood products. [3 definitions]
black widow a small spider, widespread in the United States, of which the female has a shiny, black body with an hourglass-shaped red mark on its underside, a poisonous but usu. not fatal bite, and a reputation for sometimes devouring its mate.
bladder an expandable sac or pouch in humans and animals in which gas or liquid, esp. urine, collects. [3 definitions]
bladderwort any of a large group of mostly aquatic plants with small bladders on their finely divided leaves that trap their prey.
blade the cutting part of a knife, sword, scissors, or the like. [6 definitions]
blah used to indicate insignificant, predictable, boring, or irritating things being said (often spoken in repetition). [4 definitions]
blain an inflamed swelling or sore on the skin.
blamable deserving blame; guilty.
blame to place responsibility on for a mistake or fault. [5 definitions]
blameless free from guilt or blame.
blameworthy meriting reproach or blame.
blanch to turn pale. [5 definitions]
blancmange a white, sweet milk pudding, thickened with cornstarch or gelatin and flavored with vanilla or rum.
bland without interest, spirit, or excitement; dull; indifferent. [3 definitions]