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-blast bud, embryo, cell layer, or other generative unit.
blast a powerful and sudden gust or stream. [12 definitions]
blasted ruined. [2 definitions]
blastema an undifferentiated or primitive mass of cells, as in an embryo or regenerating organ, that is capable of becoming organized into a specific tissue or organ.
blast furnace a large, vertical furnace in which metal, esp. iron, is smelted from ore by means of heat intensified by a blast of air forced in at the bottom.
blastocyst a blastula.
blastoff a launching of a rocket-driven missile or spacecraft.
blastomere any of the first cells produced when a fertilized ovum divides.
blastula an embryo in an early stage of development that consists of a single layer of cells forming a hollow sphere.
blat to give a cry of or like a sheep; bleat. [3 definitions]
blatant completely obvious or undisguised, sometimes offensively so. [2 definitions]
blather meaningless or foolish chatter. [2 definitions]
blatherskite one who is given to meaningless or foolish chatter. [2 definitions]
blaze1 an intense flame or light. [6 definitions]
blaze2 a spot or mark on a tree, often made with paint, that usu. indicates a trail. [4 definitions]
blaze3 to proclaim or advertise.
blazer a jacket similar to a suit jacket in design but typically worn with a non-matching pair of slacks or skirt. [2 definitions]
blazon to proclaim or display publicly. [4 definitions]
bldg. abbreviation of "building," a relatively large structure used for residences, businesses, or the like.
bleach to make white or lighter in color by using a chemical agent or sunlight. [4 definitions]
bleachable combined form of bleach.