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blinding emitting or reflecting a powerful bright light; dazzling. [3 definitions]
blindly in a blind or unseeing manner. [2 definitions]
blindman's buff a game, usu. played by children, in which one blindfolded player tries to catch and identify one of several other players, who then puts on the blindfold.
blind side the side opposite to the direction in which one is looking.
blindside to hit or attack (someone, esp. a football player) from an unanticipated direction.
blind spot a small area in the eye, where the optic nerve enters the retina, that is insensitive to light. [4 definitions]
blind trust complete, unquestioning confidence in another person. [2 definitions]
blini small, thin buckwheat pancakes served with caviar and sour cream.
blink to close and open the eyes very quickly, usu. involuntarily; wink. [10 definitions]
blinker a flashing light, esp. one used on a vehicle to indicate the direction of a turn, or one used as a traffic signal. [2 definitions]
blintz a thin pancake folded to enclose a fruit or cheese filling.
blip a bright spot on a radar screen, used as an indicator. [5 definitions]
bliss extreme or supreme happiness. [2 definitions]
blister a thin, bubble-like swelling of the outer skin, resulting from a burn or other injury and containing fluid. [5 definitions]
blistering extremely hot. [2 definitions]
blister rust any of several fungal diseases of pine trees, esp. the white pine, resulting in orange blisters on the bark.
blithe carefree and gay in manner or disposition. [2 definitions]
blithering babbling nonsense; blathering.
blithesome merry and gay in nature; cheerful.
blitz a swift military attack from the air or ground. [4 definitions]
blitzkrieg a blitz. [2 definitions]