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blip a bright spot on a radar screen, used as an indicator. [5 definitions]
bliss extreme or supreme happiness. [2 definitions]
blister a thin, bubble-like swelling of the outer skin, resulting from a burn or other injury and containing fluid. [5 definitions]
blistering extremely hot. [2 definitions]
blister rust any of several fungal diseases of pine trees, esp. the white pine, resulting in orange blisters on the bark.
blithe carefree and gay in manner or disposition. [2 definitions]
blithering babbling nonsense; blathering.
blithesome merry and gay in nature; cheerful.
blitz a swift military attack from the air or ground. [4 definitions]
blitzkrieg a blitz. [2 definitions]
blizzard a heavy and widespread snowstorm of lengthy duration. [2 definitions]
bloat to make swollen or distended, as with air or water. [5 definitions]
bloated of a part of the body, swollen due to an excess of fluid or gas. [3 definitions]
bloater a herring or mackerel cured by salting, smoking, and briefly drying. [2 definitions]
blob a shapeless, soft mass. [3 definitions]
bloc an alliance of people, nations, or organizations working together to achieve some legislative or political goal.
block a solid piece of hard material such as wood, concrete, or ice, usu. flat on the sides. [19 definitions]
blockade the barring or shutting off of traffic in and out of an area, such as a seaport or city, by hostile military forces. [3 definitions]
blockage the act of blocking, or the condition of being blocked. [2 definitions]
block and tackle a rigging of pulley blocks and rope or cables used to provide leverage for hauling or lifting heavy loads.
blockbuster a person or thing of great force and overwhelming power. [2 definitions]