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blond having hair of a golden or whitish-yellow color. [3 definitions]
blonde of a girl or woman, having light-colored hair. [2 definitions]
blood the red fluid containing oxygen and nutrients that circulates in the vascular system of vertebrates. [7 definitions]
blood bank a place where blood is collected, processed, and stored as whole blood or plasma, for later use in transfusion.
bloodbath a brutal and indiscriminate slaughter of many people or a whole population; massacre. [2 definitions]
blood blister a blister that contains blood and sometimes also serum. (Cf. water blister.)
blood-borne carried or transmitted by blood.
blood brother one's brother by birth. [2 definitions]
blood-clotting of or relating to a substance or condition that affects the clotting of blood.
blood count the number of red cells, white cells, and platelets counted in a specific volume of blood. [2 definitions]
bloodcurdling causing extreme fright; horrifying.
blooded having blood of a certain kind (usu. prec. by a modifier). [2 definitions]
blood feud an ongoing, bitter conflict or fight between families.
blood glucose glucose in the blood or the concentration of glucose in the blood; blood sugar.
blood group any of several types in which human blood can be classed, each with its own inherited immunological and agglutinative characteristics; blood type.
bloodhound a large hound with a particularly keen sense of smell, long ears, and baggy skin, used chiefly for tracking humans or animals.
bloodless without, or as without, blood or enough blood; pale. [3 definitions]
bloodletting the act or practice of purging by opening a vein; phlebotomy. [2 definitions]
bloodline ancestry, esp. of animals; pedigree.
bloodlust a strong desire for the use of violence towards others.
bloodmobile a mobile unit carrying medical equipment for collecting blood from donors for a blood bank.