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body fat fat in a person's body, or the concentration of fat in a person's body.
bodyguard a person, often armed, who is employed to protect an individual or group from bodily harm.
body language the shifts of posture, gestures, and facial expressions that communicate nonverbally, sometimes supplementing and sometimes diverging from or contradicting verbal communication.
body part a part or section of the human body, such as the arm, chest, nose, neck, or knee. [2 definitions]
body politic in any governed society, the people collectively.
body shop an automobile garage or shop that specializes in the repair and maintenance of car bodies.
body stocking a snug, one-piece garment or undergarment, worn usu. by women, that covers the torso and sometimes the legs.
bodysuit a snug, one-piece garment, with or without sleeves, that covers the torso and serves as a shirt.
bodysurf to ride on a wave using the body as a surfboard.
bodywork the entire external part of a car or motor vehicle. [3 definitions]
Boer a South African of Dutch ancestry. [2 definitions]
boeuf bourguignon see "beef bourguignon."
bog an area of soft, wet earth and decayed vegetation; marsh. [2 definitions]
bogey a variant of bogy. [2 definitions]
bogey man an imaginary, frightening man that supposedly carries away disobedient children; boogeyman.
boggle to overcome with the complexity or difficulty of something. [4 definitions]
bogie1 a system of four wheels mounted on two axles used on the rear of some trucks, tractors, and tanks.
bogie2 a variant of bogy.
Bogotá the capital of Colombia.
bogus not authentic; counterfeit.
bogy an evil or mischievous supernatural being; hobgoblin. [2 definitions]