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bootleg to smuggle or otherwise participate in the unauthorized or illegal sale of. [4 definitions]
bootless ineffectual or useless.
bootlick to seek favor by abasing oneself to (someone); toady.
bootstrap a loop attached to the rear or to each side of a boot top, by which the boot is pulled on. [5 definitions]
boot up in computing, to start up (a computer or a program) by loading the operating system or installing the initial instructions.
booty1 riches or goods stolen or taken as plunder in war; loot. [2 definitions]
booty2 (slang) buttocks; rear end. [2 definitions]
booze (informal) any strong alcoholic drink. [2 definitions]
bop1 a form of jazz music having complex rhythms and harmonies which overlay and frequently obscure the melody.
bop2 (informal) to strike, as with a fist or weapon. [2 definitions]
boracic variant of boric.
borage a plant with bright blue, star-shaped flowers and hairy leaves and stems that are sometimes used as seasoning.
borate in chemistry, a salt or ester of boric acid or of any acid containing boron.
borax a white substance found in naturally occurring borates and used as a cleansing or flushing agent, in the production of ceramics, and in tanning.
Bordeaux a port city in southwestern France. [2 definitions]
bordelaise sauce (sometimes cap.) a dark sauce for meat, made of stock, flour, wine, onions, and seasoning.
bordello a house of prostitution; brothel.
border the outer part; edge; boundary. [6 definitions]
borderland land that is at or near a border; frontier. [2 definitions]
borderless being without a border or borders.
borderline at or near a boundary. [2 definitions]