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bouillabaisse a stew containing a variety of fish and shellfish, often cooked with saffron.
bouillon a thin, usu. clear broth, or the stock for making such a broth.
boulangerie (French) a bakery that specializes in bread, rolls, and other plain baked goods.
boulder a large detached rock.
boule1 an advisory council of elders or legislative assembly in ancient Greece. [2 definitions]
boule2 a round, ball-like loaf of bread with a somewhat flattened top, traditionally French. [3 definitions]
boulevard a wide city street, often lined with trees or landscaped.
bounce to spring back or up following a collision, or to do so several times in succession. [10 definitions]
bounce back to recover completely or quickly.
bouncer something or someone that bounces. [2 definitions]
bouncing full of life; healthy; vigorous.
bouncing Bet a perennial plant originating in Europe and Asia that has rounded clusters of pinkish flowers.
bouncy tending to bounce. [2 definitions]
-bound going toward, or planning to go to. [2 definitions]
bound1 held by bonds; tied. [5 definitions]
bound2 to leap; spring. [4 definitions]
bound3 anything that serves as a limit or restriction. [4 definitions]
bound4 on the way to; headed (usu. fol. by "for").
boundary a line, real or imaginary, that indicates the limits of something.
boundaryless combined form of boundary.
bounden required by law or as if by law; obligatory.