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boundary a line, real or imaginary, that indicates the limits of something.
boundaryless combined form of boundary.
bounden required by law or as if by law; obligatory.
bounder an obtrusive, ill-bred, or vulgar person, esp. a man who behaves badly toward women. [2 definitions]
boundless without bounds or limits.
bounteous willing to give generously; benevolent. [2 definitions]
bountiful liberal in giving; generous. [2 definitions]
bounty the quality of giving in abundance; generosity. [3 definitions]
bouquet a decorative bunch of flowers. [2 definitions]
Bourbon a member of an aristocratic French family that produced rulers of France, Spain, and Naples at various times in the sixteenth through twentieth centuries, or the name of this family itself. [2 definitions]
bourbon an aged whiskey made from corn mash.
bourg a medieval town or village, esp. near a castle. [2 definitions]
bourgeois of, related to, or characteristic of the middle class. [6 definitions]
bourgeoisie the middle class. [2 definitions]
bourgeon variant of burgeon.
bourguignon see "beef bourguignon."
bourrée a French dance of the seventeenth century that is similar to the gavotte. [2 definitions]
bourride (French) a stew from the south of France made with fish, vegetables, and white wine, flavored and thickened with mayonnaise containing crushed garlic, and served over bread.
bourse a stock exchange of a European city, esp. of Paris, France.
boustrophedon an ancient method of writing in which the words run in opposite directions on alternate lines.
bout an athletic match, as between wrestlers or boxers. [3 definitions]