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bowling alley a long narrow wooden expanse of floor with gutters on either side, used for the game of bowling. [2 definitions]
bowl over to strike down or throw to the ground. [2 definitions]
bowls a game played on a smooth lawn, in which the players roll wooden balls as close as possible to a smaller target ball; lawn bowling.
bowman1 an archer.
bowman2 the person who handles the oar closest to the bow of a boat.
bow out to remove oneself from an activity or the like; leave, withdraw, or resign.
bowshot the distance an arrow travels or can travel when shot from a bow.
bowsprit a large pole projecting forward from the bow of some sailing vessels.
bowstring the cord stretched between the two ends of an archer's bow. [3 definitions]
bow tie a short necktie tied in a bow.
bow window a bay window built in a curve outward from a building.
box1 a container made of cardboard, wood, or other stiff material, usu. rectangular and having a lid for the top. [9 definitions]
box2 a hit or blow struck with the hand or fist. [6 definitions]
box3 a hardwood evergreen shrub or tree used ornamentally. [2 definitions]
boxcar an enclosed railroad car used for carrying freight.
box elder a North American maple tree with compound leaves and soft wood that is used in making furniture.
Boxer a member of a Chinese secret society that in 1900 tried unsuccessfully to oust foreigners from the country.
boxer a professional prizefighter. [2 definitions]
boxer shorts men's briefs with an elastic waistband and a loose full cut, similar to that of boxer's trunks.
boxful the amount that a box can or does hold.
boxing1 a material of which boxes are made. [3 definitions]