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brat an annoying, spoiled, or badly behaved child.
Bratislava the capital of the Slovak Republic.
bratwurst a highly seasoned pork and veal sausage.
bravado a false, exaggerated, or boastful display of courage.
brave ready to face pain or danger; courageous. [6 definitions]
bravery the quality or condition of being brave; fearlessness; courage. [2 definitions]
bravo good! well done! (used to express approval). [4 definitions]
bravura a musical piece or passage requiring great spirit or expertise of the performer. [2 definitions]
brawl a noisy fight or argument. [3 definitions]
brawn large, solid muscles. [2 definitions]
brawny having large strong muscles.
bray1 the cry uttered by a donkey. [5 definitions]
bray2 to pound until fine, in or as if in a mortar.
braze1 to make out of brass. [2 definitions]
braze2 to solder (metal objects) together using a material with a high melting point, such as copper or zinc.
brazen made of or resembling brass. [3 definitions]
brazier1 one who makes brass objects.
brazier2 a metal container designed to hold hot coals or charcoal, and used for heating a room. [2 definitions]
Brazil the largest South American country, on the Atlantic coast; United States of Brazil.
Brazilian of or pertaining to Brazil or its people, culture, language, or the like. [2 definitions]
Brazilian wandering spider any of a family of highly venomous, quick-moving, and aggressive spiders native to the rainforests of Brazil, also known as the banana spider for the frequency with which members of this family are found in bunches of bananas.