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breakneck dangerously extreme or rapid.
break off to terminate or discontinue (something previously binding). [4 definitions]
breakout a forceful escape from a restricting place or situation, such as prison.
break out to escape from a place where one is incarcerated. [5 definitions]
break the bank (informal) to bring someone or something to financial ruin.
break the ice to relieve social tensions caused by formality or awkwardness. [2 definitions]
break the law to do something that is not allowed by the law.
breakthrough an act of overcoming or moving through an obstacle or restriction. [2 definitions]
breakup the act or process of breaking up; disintegration; separation. [2 definitions]
break up to break (something) into pieces or sections. [10 definitions]
breakwater a barrier that disrupts waves before they reach a harbor or shore.
bream1 any of several types of freshwater fish with a deep, flat body and silver color. [2 definitions]
bream2 to clean (a ship's hull) of barnacles and other matter by applying heat and scraping.
breast the front part of the thorax; chest. [6 definitions]
breastbone the bone located in the center of the chest that connects the two halves of the rib cage; sternum.
breast-feed to feed (a baby) milk from a breast; suckle; nurse. [2 definitions]
breastpin a decorative pin worn near the throat or on the chest; brooch.
breastplate a plate of armor covering the chest.
breaststroke a swimming stroke in which the body is prone with the face down, the arms simultaneously pull down and back, and the legs do a frog kick in alternation with the arm movement.
breastwork a temporary, hastily built defensive fortification, usu. of breast height.
breath the air that flows into and out of the lungs during respiration. [4 definitions]