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breeze a light or gentle wind. [4 definitions]
breezeless combined form of breeze.
breezeway a passageway with a roof and no sides that connects two buildings.
breezy slightly windy. [2 definitions]
bremsstrahlung electromagnetic radiation, such as x-rays, produced by the sudden deceleration or acceleration of an electron caused by its approach to an atomic nucleus.
Bren gun a .303 caliber gas-operated submachine gun used by the British army in World War II.
brethren a plural form of "brother," used to refer to fellow members of a religious or social group, society, or profession, and used esp. when addressing a formal gathering of such members; colleagues. [2 definitions]
Breton a native of Brittany, or a descendant thereof. [3 definitions]
breve a diacritical mark ( ˇ ), placed over a vowel to indicate that the vowel is short. [2 definitions]
brevet a promotion in military rank, usu. honorary, without an increase in salary or authority. [2 definitions]
breviary in the Roman Catholic Church, a book containing the hymns and prayers necessary for the daily devotions of the clergy.
brevity shortness of duration. [2 definitions]
brew to make (beer or ale) from malt and hops by a process of steeping, boiling, and fermenting. [9 definitions]
brewery a building or plant where beer or ale is brewed.
brewing the occupation, business, or activity of a person who makes beer, ale, or the like. [3 definitions]
briar a pipe made from the brierroot.
briarroot variant of brierroot.
briarwood variant of brierwood.
bribe something, esp. money, that is illicitly promised or given in return for privileges or favors, usu. to someone in a position of public trust. [4 definitions]
bribery the offering or accepting of a bribe.
bric-a-brac small miscellaneous decorative objects of value as antiques or curiosities.