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brick-and-mortar pertaining to a business that operates out of a physical location as opposed to providing online products and services.
brickbat a piece of brick, esp. one used as a projectile or weapon.
brick cheese a brick-shaped semisoft American cheese.
bricklaying the technique or trade of constructing something, such as a building, with bricks.
brick red the color of dried bricks; brownish red.
brickwork something that is made from bricks.
brickyard a place where bricks are manufactured or sold.
bridal of or pertaining to a wedding or bride. [2 definitions]
bridal wreath any of several spirea shrubs that bear sprays of small, white flowers in the spring.
bride1 a woman who is newly married or is about to be married.
bride2 a loop or tie of thread that joins decorative patterns in embroidery or needlework.
bridegroom a man who is newly married or is about to be married.
bridesmaid a woman who attends the bride in a wedding ceremony.
bridge1 a structure that extends a road, path, or other route over an obstacle such as a river or railway, to allow for continuous travel. [6 definitions]
bridge2 a card game involving bidding between two sets of partners.
bridgehead a position held on the enemy's side of a river or the like by a small advance troop, in order to protect the main attacking force.
Bridgetown the capital of Barbados.
bridgework any of various types of dental bridges, or such bridges collectively. [2 definitions]
bridle the part of a horse harness that includes the bit and reins and is used to guide or control. [5 definitions]
bridle path a wide trail used for horseback riding, pack horses, or the like.
brief short in duration. [8 definitions]