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bright filled with, reflecting, or emitting much light; shining. [7 definitions]
brighten to become or make luminous, bright, or brighter. [2 definitions]
brightness the quality, state, or condition of being bright. [2 definitions]
brights the lights on the front of your car when you use your high beams.
Bright's disease chronic inflammation of the blood vessels in the kidneys.
brilliance extreme brightness or luster. [2 definitions]
brilliancy brilliance. [2 definitions]
brilliant extremely shiny or bright; glittering. [5 definitions]
brilliantine a perfumed hairdressing used to make hair glossy and manageable.
Brill's disease a form of typhus considered to be a recurrence of a much earlier infection.
brim the top edge of a hollow object such as a cup; rim. [4 definitions]
brimful full to the brim or top; brimming.
brimless combined form of brim.
brimstone sulfur.
brindle a brindled color. [2 definitions]
brindled brownish or gray with darker spots or streaks.
brine water containing a high concentration of salt. [4 definitions]
bring to take, lead, or carry toward the speaker or from one place to another. [3 definitions]
bring about to cause to come into being; make happen.
bring around to persuade (one) to accept a certain line of thought; convince. [2 definitions]
bring back to reintroduce (something from the past). [3 definitions]