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broad bean a plant of the pea family that bears flat seeds that are used as a vegetable or an animal feed; fava bean.
broadbill any of several birds characterized by a broad bill, such as the shoveler duck. [2 definitions]
broadcast to transmit over television or radio. [9 definitions]
Broad Church of or pertaining to a liberal party in the Anglican Church that advocates a broad interpretation of rituals and traditions. (Cf. High Church, Low Church.)
broadcloth a fabric with a close weave and a soft finish, made of cotton, rayon, or silk and used for clothing.
broaden to make or become broad.
broad gauge a railroad track with a distance between the rails that is greater than the standard width of 56.5 inches or 143.5 centimeters. (Cf. narrow gauge, standard gauge.)
broad-gauge of or pertaining to railroad equipment used on a broad gauge. [2 definitions]
broad in the beam (informal) wide in the hips.
broad jump in track competition, a jump for distance with a running start; a former name for long jump. [2 definitions]
broadloom of or pertaining to carpets or rugs woven on a loom wider than four and a half feet. [2 definitions]
broad-minded having unprejudiced views; tolerant or liberal.
broadside a strong, often abusive criticism or denunciation. [9 definitions]
broad-spectrum of an antibiotic, widely effective or applicable.
broadsword a sword with a broad flat blade.
broadtail the wavy, glossy black pelt of a newborn or stillborn karakul lamb.
Broadway a major north-south New York City street, part of which is the core of the theater district in midtown. [2 definitions]
Brobdingnag in Jonathan Swift's eighteenth-century novel Gulliver's Travels, a land inhabited by giants.
Brobdingnagian huge; enormous; gigantic. [3 definitions]
brocade a fabric woven with a raised pattern. [2 definitions]
broccoli a cultivated subspecies of the cabbage, or the green flower buds and flowering stalk of this plant used for food.