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bronchoscope a slender tubular instrument with an electric light, used for examining and treating the inside of the bronchi.
bronchus either of the two main branches into which the windpipe divides and which leads into a lung.
bronco a wild or semi-tamed horse or pony of western North America.
broncobuster a person who trains wild horses so that they can be ridden.
brontosaur a huge, herbivorous dinosaur of the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.
Bronx the northernmost New York City borough.
Bronx cheer (informal) a sound of derision and contempt made by vibrating the tongue and lips while exhaling forcibly; raspberry.
bronze an alloy consisting mainly of copper and tin. [4 definitions]
Bronze Age the stage or level of development of human culture that followed the Stone Age and was characterized by the use of bronze tools and weapons; about 3,500 B.C. to 1,000 B.C.
bronze medal a medal, usu. made of bronze, given to the third-place contestant, as in a race or other competition.
Bronze Star a U.S. military medal given for heroic or outstanding achievement in ground combat.
brooch a piece of jewelry attached to clothing with a pin or clasp.
brood a group of young birds or other animals hatched or born at the same time to one mother. [7 definitions]
brooder a person, thing, or animal that broods. [2 definitions]
broodmare a mare kept primarily for breeding.
broody tending to brood or worry; moody. [2 definitions]
brook1 a small freshwater stream.
brook2 to tolerate.
brooklet a small brook.
Brooklyn a New York City borough on the western end of Long Island.
brook trout a speckled freshwater trout of eastern North America; speckled trout.