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buccal of or pertaining to the mouth or cheeks.
buccaneer one who illegally attacks ships at sea or areas along the coast; pirate.
Bucharest the capital of Rumania.
buck1 a fully grown male of certain animal species such as the deer, goat, rabbit, and sheep. [3 definitions]
buck2 of a horse or similar animal, to leap off the ground and come down with stiff forelegs. [7 definitions]
buck3 a structure used to hold wood for sawing; sawhorse. [2 definitions]
buck4 an object such as a buckhorn knife that was formerly placed before a player in a poker game to indicate the responsibility to deal.
buck5 (informal) a dollar in the U.S.
buck and wing a fast tap dance characterized by much leaping and heel clicking.
buckaroo a man who tends cattle, often on horseback; cowboy.
buckboard a small uncovered carriage with a flexible wooden frame attached directly to the axles.
bucket a cylindrical container, usu. carried by means of a semicircular handle; pail. [5 definitions]
bucket seat a single seat with a molded back, as in some cars and airplanes.
buckeye any of various deciduous trees and shrubs related to the horse chestnut. [2 definitions]
buck fever the nervous excitement felt by novice hunters when they first sight game.
buckhorn the horn of a buck deer, esp. used as a material for buttons, knife handles, or the like. [2 definitions]
Buckingham Palace the London residence of the British monarch.
buckle a fastener, usu. made of metal, that is used to join two ends, esp. as part of a belt. [9 definitions]
buckler a small round hand-held shield.
buckle up (informal) to fasten one's safety belt, as in a car or airplane.
buck-passer (informal) a person who tends to shift responsibility to somebody else.