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budgerigar a brightly colored Australian parakeet, bred as a domestic pet.
budget a list of anticipated expenses and income for a certain period. [3 definitions]
budget-friendly of a product for sale, allowing one to stay within one's financial budget if purchased; reasonably priced; affordable.
budgie (informal) a budgerigar; parakeet.
bud vase a tall thin vase used to hold a single flower such as a rosebud.
budworm a type of caterpillar that eats the buds of plants.
buenas noches (Spanish) good night.
Buenos Aires the capital of Argentina.
buenos dias (Spanish) good morning; good day.
buff1 a soft, thick yellow leather made from the buffalo hide or the hide of other animals. [8 definitions]
buff2 to lessen the force of; act as a buffer for.
buffalo any of various large mammals with long legs, hooves, and horns native to Africa and Asia. [4 definitions]
buffalo grass a range grass found on the plains east of the Rocky Mountains.
buffer1 a device, such as a bumper, that absorbs the force of a collision. [6 definitions]
buffer2 something used to polish or shine.
buffer state a neutral country located between two potentially hostile countries and regarded as helping to discourage war.
buffet1 to hit or strike against. [4 definitions]
buffet2 a piece of furniture with a flat top and storage shelves or drawers; sideboard. [4 definitions]
bufflehead a small North American duck that has black and white feathers and a bushy head.
buffo a comic role in an opera, usu. one for a bass singer. [2 definitions]
buffoon someone who behaves comically; clown. [2 definitions]