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build a fire under (informal) to urge to action, speed, or the like.
builder someone or something that builds, esp. one who constructs or is involved in the construction of houses or buildings.
building a relatively large structure used for residences, businesses, or the like. [2 definitions]
building block a cinder block or other block used for building. [3 definitions]
buildup the act, instance, or process of increasing in amount, number, or strength; accumulation; increase; growth. [3 definitions]
build up to grow in size, amount, or intensity. [3 definitions]
built past tense and past participle of build.
built-in constructed as a permanent part of a larger structure. [2 definitions]
built-up made greater in amount, size, strength, or the like, esp. by augmentation. [2 definitions]
Bujumbura the capital of Burundi.
bulb a plant bud that begins to grow underground. [3 definitions]
bulbaceous bulbous.
bulbous having the shape of a bulb; bulging. [2 definitions]
Bulgaria a Balkan country on the Black Sea between Rumania and Turkey.
bulge a rounded or swollen protrusion caused by pressure from below or within. [4 definitions]
bulgur a nutritious wheat that is boiled, cracked or ground, and dried.
bulimarexia an eating disorder, esp. found in young women, that is marked by the eating of large amounts of food followed by purging, usu. by self-induced vomiting or by taking laxatives, to avoid weight gain. (Cf. anorexia.)
bulimia abnormally continuous and extreme hunger. [2 definitions]
bulimia nervosa see bulimarexia.
bulk large size or volume. [7 definitions]
bulkhead a wall that divides a ship into watertight parts. [3 definitions]