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bulkhead a wall that divides a ship into watertight parts. [3 definitions]
bulky of large volume, but often relatively light. [2 definitions]
bull1 a sexually mature male of several animal species, such as cattle and elephants. [9 definitions]
bull2 an official papal document, usu. sealed with a round lead seal.
bull- of or like a bull. [2 definitions]
bullate having a bumpy, blistered, or puckered texture or appearance.
bulldog a powerful breed of short-haired English dog with short legs, a stocky neck, and strong jaws. [3 definitions]
bulldoze to move (earth) or clear out (land) using a bulldozer. [2 definitions]
bulldozer a tractorlike piece of heavy equipment that pushes or lifts soil or debris with a vertical blade attached to the front.
bullet a cylindrical, usu. pointed metal projectile that is shot from a firearm. [2 definitions]
bulleted marked by a bullet symbol or symbols.
bulletin an announcement of recent events or items of current interest. [2 definitions]
bulletin board a board, usually hung on a wall, on which items such as notices or advertisements are displayed.
bulletproof not penetrable by bullets. [2 definitions]
bullet train a high-speed train, especially one of the type invented in Japan.
bullfight a ceremonial sport practiced esp. in Spain and Mexico in which banderilleros and picadors first goad and tire a specially bred bull, and then a matador with a cape and sword provokes the bull into charging him several times, and finally kills it.
bullfinch a European variety of finch characterized by a short, thick bill and a reddish breast.
bullfrog a large North American frog with a distinctive loud, deep croak.
bullhead any of various freshwater fishes such as the catfish or sculpin, named for their large heads.
bullheaded perversely unwilling to change one's opinion or intended action; stubborn.
bullhorn an electronic, usu. portable megaphone or loudspeaker that can amplify the voice or other sounds.