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bush2 a lining, usu. of metal, that is used in machines to reduce friction. [3 definitions]
bush bean a low-growing variety of the green bean.
bushed (informal) very tired; worn out.
bushel1 in the US, a unit of capacity of dry measure equal to four pecks or 35.239 liters. [5 definitions]
bushel2 to repair or alter (clothes).
Bushido (sometimes l.c.) the behavioral code of the feudal Japanese samurai, which stressed the value of honor above life.
bushing a cylindrical part, usu. made of metal, that serves as a bearing in a machine. [2 definitions]
bush jacket a hip-length coat made of cotton, usu. having several buttoned pockets and a belt.
bush league (informal) the minor leagues in U.S. baseball.
bush-league (informal) pertaining to a second-rate group or sphere of activity. [2 definitions]
bush leaguer (informal) someone associated with a bush-league group or sphere of activity. [2 definitions]
bushman (cap.) a member of a nomadic aboriginal tribe of southwest Africa. [2 definitions]
bushmaster a large, poisonous, tropical American snake.
bushranger in Australia, a bandit who lives in the bush.
bushwhack to advance through a forest by cutting away low vegetation. [2 definitions]
bushy resembling a bush; thick and shaggy. [2 definitions]
business the activity or profession of buying and/or selling goods or services. [9 definitions]
business college a school that offers instruction in business-related skills, such as typing, bookkeeping, and business administration.
business envelope an envelope that will enclose a sheet of paper eight and a half inches wide that has been folded twice lengthwise.
businesslike having qualities useful in business; serious; efficient; systematic.
businessman a man who works in business or commerce.