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cabal a small group of people engaged in a secret plot, usu. of a political nature. [3 definitions]
cabala a mystical system of scriptural interpretation that originated in Judaism and was conveyed throughout medieval Europe. [2 definitions]
caballero a Spanish or Latin American gentleman. [3 definitions]
cabana a small cottage or tentlike shelter, esp. one that serves as a bathhouse for swimmers.
cabaret a nightclub or restaurant that provides food, liquor, and live entertainment.
cabbage a vegetable with large green or purple leaves that overlap tightly to form a round head. [3 definitions]
cabbage butterfly any of several common white butterflies, the green larvae of which feed on cabbage and related plants.
cabbage palm any of several palms that have edible leaf buds.
cabbage palmetto a cabbage palm of the southeastern United States.
cabby (informal) a taxicab driver.
Cab Calloway U.S. jazz singer, performer, and bandleader (b.1907--d.1994).
cabdriver the driver of a taxicab or horse-drawn carriage for public hire.
caber a long wooden pole, resembling a telephone pole, that is hoisted at one end and then thrown end over end to demonstrate strength, esp. in Scottish Highland games.
cabernet a type of dry, full-bodied red wine made in California.
cabin a small dwelling, usu. rough and simple in style and construction. [4 definitions]
cabin boy a boy or man hired to wait on the officers and passengers aboard a ship.
cabin cruiser a power-driven boat with a cabin so equipped that passengers can wash, cook, and sleep on board.
cabinet a piece of furniture with shelves, compartments, or drawers, and usually covered by a door or doors. [6 definitions]
cabinetmaker a woodworker who specializes in making cabinets, chests, and other fine furniture.
cabinetwork fine wooden furniture made by a cabinetmaker. [2 definitions]
cabin fever anxiety caused by being confined to a small space or isolated from other people for a length of time, as during winter.