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cabochon a polished gemstone, usu. in the form of a circle or ellipse, without facets. [2 definitions]
caboodle (informal) group of things or people; bunch; lot.
caboose a car at the rear of a freight train, used by the crew as a place for eating and sleeping.
cabretta a soft strong kidlike leather made from the skins of certain sheep.
cabriolet a light, one-horse carriage designed for two passengers and having two wheels and a folding hood. [2 definitions]
cabstand a place, usu. designated by a municipality, where taxicabs line up and wait to be hired.
cacao a South American tree bearing yellowish flowers and reddishbrown seeds. [2 definitions]
cacciatore cooked in a covered pot with olive oil, tomato paste, onions, wine, herbs, and other ingredients.
cachalot a sperm whale.
cache a hiding place for treasures or supplies, esp. in the ground. [3 definitions]
cachepot an ornamental container into which the plain pot of a houseplant is set and thus concealed from view.
cachet an official seal on a document or letter. [4 definitions]
cachinnate to laugh very loudly or excessively.
cacique in Spain and Latin America, a local political boss. [3 definitions]
cackle to make the sharp, broken cry of a hen. [5 definitions]
caco- bad; harsh.
cacography bad handwriting. [2 definitions]
cacophonous characterized by a discordant, sometimes unpleasant, mixture of sounds.
cacophony a mixture of discordant and usually unpleasant sounds. [2 definitions]
cactus a leafless, fleshy-stemmed, often prickly plant that grows in hot, dry regions of America.
CAD acronym of "computer-aided design."