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calcitonin a polypeptide hormone secreted by the thyroid that lowers blood calcium.
calcium a chemical element of the alkaline-earth group that has twenty protons in each nucleus and occurs widely in nature, but only in compounds such as calcite or limestone. (symbol: Ca) [2 definitions]
calcium carbide a dark gray crystalline compound used as a dehydrating agent and a source of acetylene gas and calcium cyanimide.
calcium carbonate a white crystalline compound found in chalk, limestone, marble, shells, and plant ash that is used in the manufacture of cement, paints, plastics, and polishing agents such as toothpaste.
calcium chloride a white crystalline compound, derived from calcium carbonate, that is used as a dehydrating agent, de-icer, and dust suppressant.
calcium cyanamide a white powder used mainly as a fertilizer or weed killer; cyanamide.
calcium fluoride a white powder used in cements and other industrial products and as a tooth decay preventive.
calcium hydroxide a soft white crystalline compound made by the action of water on calcium oxide and used in the manufacture of cement, plaster, hard rubber products, and bleaching powder; slaked lime.
calcium oxide a soft white caustic powder used in the treatment of waste, as an industrial alkali, and in the manufacture of steel, glass, plaster, and insecticides; lime; quicklime.
calcium phosphate any of a number of phosphates of calcium found in some rocks and in animal bones, used in baking powder and plant food, and in the manufacture of enamels, plastics, and cleaning agents.
calcspar see "calcite."
calculable able to be determined by a process of calculation.
calculate to compute mathematically. [6 definitions]
calculated done or made after carefully estimating the likely result. [2 definitions]
calculating able to make calculations. [3 definitions]
calculation the act, process, or result of calculating or making computations. [4 definitions]
calculator a machine used in calculating or computing numbers. [2 definitions]
calculous caused by or having a stony concretion or calculus.
calculus in mathematics, a system of calculation, as of rates of change, lengths, or volumes, involving algebraic notations. [2 definitions]
Calcutta a state capital on the eastern coast of India.
caldera a large volcanic crater, esp. one whose diameter greatly exceeds that of the vent within it.