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calculated done or made after carefully estimating the likely result. [2 definitions]
calculating able to make calculations. [3 definitions]
calculation the act, process, or result of calculating or making computations. [4 definitions]
calculator a machine used in calculating or computing numbers. [2 definitions]
calculous caused by or having a stony concretion or calculus.
calculus in mathematics, a system of calculation, as of rates of change, lengths, or volumes, involving algebraic notations. [2 definitions]
Calcutta a state capital on the eastern coast of India.
caldera a large volcanic crater, esp. one whose diameter greatly exceeds that of the vent within it.
caldron variant of cauldron.
calèche variant of calash.
Caledonia a literary name for Scotland.
calendar a chart of the days, weeks, and months of one or more years. [4 definitions]
calendar year the period of time that begins on January 1 and ends on December 31. (Cf. fiscal year.)
calender a machine in which paper or cloth is pressed between rollers to make it smooth or glossy. [2 definitions]
calends (usu. used with a pl. verb) in the ancient Roman calendar, the first day of any month.
calendula a plant of the composite family that bears yellow or orange flowers; pot marigold.
calescent increasing in heat; getting warm.
calf1 the young of cattle or of other bovine mammals, and of some other large mammals such as seals or whales. [2 definitions]
calf2 the muscular back part of a human's leg below the knee.
calf's-foot jelly the cooled gelatinous edible stock of boiled calves' feet.
calfskin the hide of a calf. [2 definitions]