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Caliban a grotesque, brutish, half-human creature in the play The Tempest by William Shakespeare.
caliber degree of competence, virtue, or worthiness. [3 definitions]
calibrate to assign, verify, or correct the graduated markings on (a quantitative measuring instrument such as a thermometer). [2 definitions]
caliche a deposit of sand or clay in arid regions that is cemented by calcium carbonate and other soluble minerals.
calico a simply woven cotton cloth with a bright printed pattern. [3 definitions]
calif variant of caliph.
California a U.S. state on the Pacific coast. (abbr.: CA)
californium a synthetic radioactive chemical element having ninety-eight protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Cf)
caliginous misty and dark.
caliper (usu. pl.) an instrument usu. having two hinged, curved legs and used to measure inner or outer dimensions, thicknesses, and distances between surfaces. [3 definitions]
caliper rule a graduated rule with one jaw that slides and one that is fixed.
caliph in Islam, a spiritual and political leader in some Muslim countries.
caliphate the area ruled, length of rule, or office of a caliph.
calisthenics exercises to promote strength and flexibility, done without special equipment. [2 definitions]
calk1 variant of caulk.
calk2 a part projecting from the bottom of a horseshoe to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces. [4 definitions]
call to shout or cry out. [22 definitions]
calla any of several subtropical plants, esp. the calla lily, which has a large, white petal-like part surrounding a yellow spike of tiny flowers. [2 definitions]
callable combined form of call.
call-and-response of or pertaining to music that alternates between one player, singer, or section, and another in a pattern of statement and response.
call around to make phone calls to different people asking the same question of each.