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call to shout or cry out. [22 definitions]
calla any of several subtropical plants, esp. the calla lily, which has a large, white petal-like part surrounding a yellow spike of tiny flowers. [2 definitions]
callable combined form of call.
call-and-response of or pertaining to music that alternates between one player, singer, or section, and another in a pattern of statement and response.
call around to make phone calls to different people asking the same question of each.
call a spade a spade to speak plainly or straightforwardly; speak the truth.
callback a request to a worker to return to work, esp. after a layoff or after normal working hours. [3 definitions]
call back to continue a telephone conversation with (someone) at a later time, or to return someone's telephone call.
callboard a backstage bulletin board in a theater, used by the director, stage manager, and the like to post notices or instructions.
call box a box containing a telephone, posted on a street or highway, and used to make emergency calls. [2 definitions]
callboy a person who tells actors when it is time for them to be backstage for their entrances. [2 definitions]
call down to reprimand (someone); scold.
caller a person or thing that calls. [2 definitions]
call for to stop by for; fetch; pick up. [3 definitions]
call girl a female prostitute who may be hired by telephone.
calligraphy the art of beautiful handwriting. [3 definitions]
call-in a telephone conversation between a listener or viewer and a radio or television host, which is broadcast on the host's show. [2 definitions]
calling vocation, occupation, or career, esp. considered as inspired or inevitable.
calling card a small card with one's name and sometimes address and telephone number printed on it, used when making business and social visits.
calliope a large organlike musical instrument with a set of loud steam whistles that are activated by a keyboard. [2 definitions]
calliper variant of caliper.