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came1 past tense of come.
came2 a thin, grooved strip of lead used to secure a piece of glass, as in a stained glass window.
camel either of two species of large, long-necked, humped mammals of Africa and Asia, often domesticated for riding and carrying loads. (Cf. Bactrian camel, dromedary.)
cameleer one who drives or rides camels.
camellia an evergreen shrub or tree, native to Asia, with shiny leaves and large colorful blossoms. [2 definitions]
camel's hair the hair of a camel, which is soft and fine, or a substitute for this hair. [2 definitions]
camel's-hair brush a type of small brush made from the hairs of a squirrel's tail and used by artists.
Camembert a rich creamy cheese with a soft center.
cameo a method of carving a gemstone so as to leave a slightly raised image of one color and a background of another. [3 definitions]
camera a device with a shutter and lens that produces photographs by recording images on a light-sensitive film or plate. [2 definitions]
cameraman a man who operates a motion-picture or television camera.
camera-shy having or showing a dislike of being photographed.
camerawoman a woman who operates a motion-picture or television camera.
Cameroon a West African country on the Atlantic coast south of Nigeria.
camisole a woman's sleeveless, waist-length undergarment.
camomile variant of chamomile.
camouflage a method of concealing something such as a person, vehicle, or building, esp. from an enemy military force, by covering it or coloring it so as to imitate its surroundings. [5 definitions]
camouflageable combined form of camouflage.
camp1 an outdoor place where tents or temporary shelters are set up. [9 definitions]
camp2 the style of something such as clothing, decoration, art, or the like that is considered amusing because of its consciously pretentious showiness or outlandishness. [2 definitions]
campaign a military operation organized to achieve specific objectives. [4 definitions]