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campsite a place where one sets up camp, usually within a campground. [2 definitions]
campstool a lightweight folding seat, usu. having three or four legs and no back or arms.
campus the grounds of a school, college, or university.
camshaft an engine shaft having one or more cams.
can1 to have the ability to. [4 definitions]
can2 a commercial metal container, often cylindrical, for food or other products. [9 definitions]
Canaan the Biblical name of the land between the Jordan and the Mediterranean, which is now the state of Israel. [2 definitions]
Canada a North American country stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific north of the United States.
Canada balsam a clear thick yellow resin of a particular fir tree that hardens when exposed to air and is used chiefly as mounting cement in microscopy.
Canada Day a Canadian legal holiday on July 1, celebrating the anniversary of the formation of the Dominion in 1867; formerly Dominion Day.
Canada goose a large wild goose of North America, having brownish gray feathers, a black head and neck, and a white patch under the chin and up both sides of the face.
Canadian of or pertaining to Canada or its people, culture, or the like. [2 definitions]
Canadian bacon a cured, boneless strip of pork loin having a hamlike taste, usu. packaged in a cylindrical piece to be sliced.
Canadianism a custom, quality, or word use that originates in Canada or is peculiar to Canada.
canaille the common masses of people, regarded unfavorably; riffraff; rabble.
canal a man-made waterway for transportation or irrigation. [3 definitions]
canalboat a long narrow vessel used to transport freight along canals and riverways.
canaliculus a small bodily channel or tubular passage, such as a tear duct, or a tiny groove, as in a bone.
canalize to furnish with or convert into a canal or canals. [3 definitions]
Canal Zone a strip on either side of the Panama Canal that will be under U.S. control until 1999.
canapé a cracker or small piece of bread or toast spread with cheese, meat, or other appealing food and served as an appetizer.